The Best Video Games Consoles ever!

Video games have inspired me through the years as with so many gamers

here is a list of my favorite games consoles ever! and other information.

console:- (1)NES (2)master system (3)atari 7800 (4)commadore 64 (5)megadrive (6)super NES (7)playstation (8)N64 (9)saturn (10)xbox 360 (11)wii u (12)dreamcast.

manufacturer:- (1)nintendo (2)sega (3)atari corporation (4)commodore (5)sega (6)nintendo (7)sony (8)nintendo (9)sega (10)microsoft (11)Nintendo (12)sega.

release date:- (1)1983 (2)1985 (3)1984 (4)1990 (5)1988 (6)1990 (7)1994 (8)1996 (9)1994 (10)2005 (11)2012 (12)1998.

supported:- (1)1-2 players, used joy pads (2)1-2 players, joy pad (3)1-2 players, used joy stick (4)1-2 players, used joystick (5)1-2 or 1-4 players[with additional adapter], used control pad (6)1-2 players, used control pad (7)1-2 players, used controller[with analogue sticks] (8)1-4 players, used controllers (9)1-2 players, used control pad (10)1-4 players offline, used controllers, online compatible also hand free motion sensing[with camera] (11)1-4 players offline, used motion sensing wiimotes and controller with it’s own screen[which could be played without the need of a tv] plus online compatible (12)1-4 players, used controllers.

media type:- (1)cartridge (2)cartridge (3)cartridge (4)tape cassette (5)cartridge (6)cartridge (7)compact disc (8)cartridge (9) compact disc (10)compact disc (11)CD (12)CD.

popular games:- (1)mario 1,2,3 (adventure) (2)wonder boy & alex kidd (adventure) (3)pac-man (puzzler), defender (retro shooter) (4)who dares wins (shooter), kung fu master (fighter) (5)streets of rage (fighter), sonic the hedgehog (adventure) (6)super mario bros (retro adventure), street fighter (7)resident evil (survival horror), FIFA (sport) (8)mario 64 (3D adventure), golden eye (shooter) (9)x men (fighter), sega rally (racer) (10)kinect sports season 1&2 (11)wii sports, zelda (adventure) (12)ready to rumble (sport) power stone (fighter).

facts:- (1)only two buttons (a+b) could be used (2)non (3)only used one button (4)it took 10 mins or so to load each game (but was worth it) (5)this was when sega first introduced ports of arcade based games (6)it was originally called the super famicom and was designed differently (7)people would commonly make pirate copies of these games (8)a lot of the best games developed were by RARE which currently make games for microsoft (9)non (10)some of the motion sensing games can be quite tiring (11)unlike it’s predecessor it included wii motion plus built in to the remote (12)sega has since stop making consoles and now produces games for other existing consoles on the market today.

From the time of 1-2 players , then 1-4 local play, then online gameplay and virtual reality (VR).  It’s been an incredible journey through the ages and to see how video games have developed in the past and present.

It was an amazing time when arcade machines became redundant because those games became available on home consoles, saving money and you being able to play as much as you desire.

Those were the best gaming experiences of my life for me!

Whats your best memories of console gaming?

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