The following work here will give you a good but basic idea of gambling utilizing video games online.

Note:- This business idea will be best suited to already established game development firms.

All calculations and figures are correct and legitimate to any examples and ideas specified, wherever it’s concerned.

This service will make winning money more accessible to all gamer,s, rather than the elite few attending professional tournaments.

It will also give players the opportunity to bet on themselves and their gaming skills, along with certain aspects of luck, plus make gaming more worthwhile and more exciting.

Note:- It’s all only examples and ideas based on modern online gaming.

I hope it can be understood and is any good.

Please note:- Ensure your computer supports features of MS word or some parts may appear incorrect or distorted.

Index                                                 Video Games Online Gambling

section 1

1(a) Game/betting interface

Name of business, main logo, range of number of players, betting cash amounts, 4 digit password, player balance and name, account, join now! link and player rank in each month.

2(a) The game software

Prevent cheating and mini logo signifying fair play.

3(a) Choosing options (also see 1(a) above)

4(a) How the game will be played to keep it fair

5(a) How to decide and ensure one winner of any amount in any game

6(a) How to advertise

7(a) The available tabs

8(a) Number of betting scenarios and what distinguishes who plays who (player VS player).

9(a) Setting up an account

section 2


Part 1:- Player winnings, gain (own profit) & games duration’s (to a total with any other times), to each of the no. of players.

Part 2:- Network of gamer,s playing and games being played simultaneously (as well as to each themselves) from each of the number of players & one way or another consecutively, all within the resides of an hour from the total number of players stated, plus all the monies substantiated and how to calculate the figures in the table per the number of players.

Part 3:- Figures of annual player winnings and profit revenue.

Part 4:- (a) Winning positions, money won & percentage of money in play assigned  to each position from the total money that can be won, to each of the no. of players. (b) The circumstances because of refunds & non-refunds.

Part 5:- The conditions in which money in play should be set in comparison to each of the no. of players and winning positions available.

Part 6:- (a) Player winnings gain and percentage, fractions to chances of winning & to winning any amount. (b) Winning extra cash each month.

Part 7:- Possible deductions equalling net profit and factors that could take up time and money.

section 3

Network & servers (hosts)

Part 1:- (a) Gambling server (b) Players ISP (c) Player network. All also in regards to options 1,2,3 (d) Reference diagram (e) How it all works (various details when online), (f) Database 1&2 (illustrations), (g) The leader boards.

Part 2:- The 3 second rule and random selection

(a) Loading in players (b) Determining the exact number of players (c) Used & effective (1-3) (d) benefits (1-3)

section 4

Improving the business in future

(a) Statistics (b) Feedback

section 5

Miscellaneous:- 1) – 32).

Please note:- You may have to refer to this index to get a better explanation of what certain parts are about and it may help if you print out some of the work for comparison purposes.

section 1

(1a) game/betting interface:-


(2a) The game software

The software (game disc) will include the game/gambling program and will be anti-cheat & data encrypted to avoid any in game manipulation.

A sticker will be included as a guarantee of fair gaming as diagrammed below:-

(3a) Choosing Options

The options will be minimized to allow a quick and simple selection by the following ways:-

Creating 4 options to the range of number of players to play in the game and 3 choices to the standard amount of bet on the betting interface.

(4a) Games will be played by:- Having random weapon sets i.e (pistols vs pistols), (machine guns vs machine guns) etc…  A limited number of maps and game types based on standard free for all shooter. Also without any aim assists at all.

(5a) How to ensure one winner of any amount to any game

Add in a scoring system based on accuracy e.g (head shot + 3pts), (body shot + 2pts), (limb shot + 1pt) and to any number of shots, to decide any joint winner places getting the same number of kills.

(6a) Advertising

Accompanying the compatible game will be a bonus! starter code & information booklet as a way of introducing gamer,s, plus advertising on the online game interface.

(7a) When choosing any of the two main options tabs (range of no. of players + betting amount), they will click and make a clicking sound, then become and remain highlighted until both options are chosen & you press start to play the game (gamers will select what is more beneficial to them). The other tabs will be the same apart from them being highlighted. (also see (1a) + (3a)).

What’s below ↓ is based on the assumption that there will be multiple lobbies/games for whatever reason.

(8a) There are 12 different betting scenarios that the player can play to, in regards to the range of the no. of players & betting amounts available. When players choose the exact same options, they will play against one another (players will be random in the first place) & depending on how the gamer,s end up being divided into any number of lobbies/games that can be played, to the minimum amount of players (loaded in sync to 3 seconds one at a time to each & every lobby) to any range (varying to the scale of the no. of players to the minimum of each different range). Which also depends on the exact no. of players they will play, to the minimum and maximum amount of players to any range, determined by the 3 second rule & random selection, also (see section 3/part 2) for more details.  It is also in regards to what other gamer,s are added (in sync) and to what available lobby. Also in affect is when errors occur (including players leaving a game), gamer,s will become absent from the lobby or game & maybe other different players being added.

Please note:- Gamers being loaded in sync will also be mixed to the minimum and the range.

Note:- No gamer,s will be added during game play.

(9a) All newcomers will be required to set up an account by clicking the link:- Join now! & entering their details to the following:- 1) full name , current address, age (must be 18+) etc… 2) Creating a password plus an extra security question and answer. (players will be advised to keep all their personal details private!)

Please note:- The password must be entered only! once and to play with the current balance, that must correspond to the player name, which is all on the betting interface & the security answer every time they want to access their account.

section 2


PART 1 click here

Please Note:- All parts in this section with the exception of 4(b), 5, 7, & 6(b) involve the average five pound player bet.

In this section all monetary amounts will be subject to a 1/2 at £2.50 bets & +50% at £7.50 bets to the average example £5.00 bet and all other things remaining equally the same.

Please note:- All bet amounts will be used at the same time and vary as well as other varying factors.

what’s below ↓ only relates to parts (2 & 3) 

All betting at £5.00 for instance, is the average and/or equivalent of all three and to all monetary figures,

i.e  90,000/3=30,000 each→ total No. of players/No. of bet amounts

(3×(10^4)×£2.50) + (3×(10^4)×£5.00) + (3×(10^4)×£7.50)450,000


Table 2

PARTS 2&3 click here

Note:- Potentially considering their could be a lot more gamer,s playing and players will play more than the peak time e.g (4:00 pm – 12:00 am), it will be even more lucrative.

you can attract gamer,s during non-peak times e.g (8:00 am – 4:00 pm) & (12:00 am – 8:00 am) by adding in bonuses such as, collectible items equaling cash amounts or if certain challenges are met.

PART 4(a) click here

4(b) In the lobby:- When refunding replace the absent gamer,s by adding in extra players to save money, by letting other players compensate for the money in play missing and you taking the profit as normal. Then all the players will play to what they have originally chosen also if all players are effected no money will be lost but would be a waste of time.  When non-refunding money will still be in play and you taking the profit as usual but replacing any players absent from the lobby will mean that you can claim all those bet amounts fully from the extra players being added and make more money also if all players are effected you will gain all the money.

In the game:- At any point during gameplay, If refundable, you will have to replace the money in play at a loss, (80%) of what each player normally contributes, for the remaining players and depending on how many players are effected by a refund. If no. of players remaining is equal to or exceeds the winning positions, money will be definitely lost more or less depending on how many players are again effected but, if the players left is less than the winning positions, the lesser amounts can be redeemed at the end. If all players are effected no money will be lost, but will be a greater waste of time. If non-refundable when winning positions are equal to or less than the players, you just keep the profit as usual but if ever the winning positions are greater than the number of players, extra money can be gained by claiming the lesser amount(s) more or less also at the end as their will not be enough players to win all of the money. If all the players are effected by a non-refund, even more money can be earned. Also if ever one player remains, the game will be discontinued and they will win the highest amount of money available.

Also players will be allowed to concede and disconnect from a game but will also be non-refundable.

Please note:- When players receive a refund, if they have stood to win more than what they have betted they will lose out but if they have been winning by a negative amount of money or losing by the whole bet they will benefit from it.

The lesser the players because of a refund/non-refund the better the chance the remaining players will have at winning all of the money and/or the higher sums of money.

how much money is saved, gained or lost also of course depends on the no. of refunds compared to the no. of non-refunds (the more non-refunds the better) that occurs in any one lobby/game & overall.

Please note:-  It’s all only in effect to players who have already joined the lobby or are currently playing a game.

part 5:-            The Guidelines Of Setting Money In Play To The Available Positions 

1) Starting with (2 – 4) players having 1 winning position to it, every group of (4) players will have an extra winning place assigned to it each time up to (16) players.

2) Any amount of money set to any same winning position must always increase when player number increases.

3) The amount of money should be greater, each time the number of players becomes more as competing becomes more difficult.

4) To any same position within any range and including any no. of players. The better the odds of winning the less that can be won & the worse the odds of winning the more the available money that can be won.

PART 6(a) click here

6(b) In addition Monthly Cash Prizes can be won by players in the top 10 best cash winners on the main leader board each month, which is as follows:- rank 1 = £5,000, rank 2 = £4,000, rank 3 = £3,000, rank 4 = £2,000, rank 5 = £1,000, rank 6 = £500, rank 7 = £400, rank 8 = £300, rank 9 = £200, rank 10 = £100

Total = £16,500

part 7:- All revenue may be deductible by any of the following:-

(a) – Gambling commission charges (b) – VAT or other tax (C) – Creating computer network, server and programs one off fees plus dedicated server running costs (d) – Computer/server maintenance costs (e) – Advertising! offering welcome bonus starter code incorporated in the distribution of the compatible game  plus leaflets explaining how it works (f) – Total monthly player prize winnings (g) – other offers and promotions (h) – Employees salaries. (also see part 3 of this section).

net profit = ?

The following factors may result in taking up time and money:-

(a)  Players practicing on the usual game (b) Players visiting their account (adding/withdrawing funds) etc…  (c) The odd lobby may be incomplete for a short period of time (d) Numerous general other reasons.

section 3

networks and servers

part 1

(a) Gambling server:- Large capacity server to accommodate for game play (which will take up the most space) and other resources, any errors will be easily identified & players will receive a guaranteed refund (also see how it works 4,6,7). Having this additional server may save space on the usual game server as gamer,s will play on either, therefore having a shared and greater capacity.

How to prevent own server(s) errors

Frequent maintenance checks will be done to ensure the integrity of the system during non peak times. this should ensure that errors occur rarely and may help prevent minor discrepancies such as network trafficking, slow down etc… especially considering the size of the main game and gambling servers.

note:- Any back up servers could also be used.

(b) Player ISP/modem (also option 1 including (a)) errors in regards to the two will be detected, recognized and identified with refunds being issued to make game/gambling fairer to the players (see how it all works part for more details).

Note:- Super Error Detection System (SEDS) will be employed to recognize all errors separately and accurately in regards to the ↑ above.

(c) Player network refers to any of the following:-

1) players opting out of a game 2) loose connections 3) unauthorized disconnections from lobby/games including switching off games console & unplugging any cables or wires 4) insufficient or poor internet speed etc…

Any non-identifiable errors will be due to these problems, which are strictly non-refundable.

caution to players!

warning:- It is the players responsibility to make sure that their network is in full working order and are advised to do a connection test via their console before playing as no refunds will be issued.

(d) reference diagram:-


(e) How it all works (also refer to (d))

1 – 2  Internet service provider & modem

Assort all the different error codes from any player ISP/modem type into a database, where any error code amounting to the same problem is divided into sets to the same or similar error message (see illustration 1). Players will be requested to submit their ISP/modem details as this may help isolate the correct problem better for each player as well as being more accurate.

2 – 3  Modem & main game server

The usual connection between the two (if required players can practice on the full multiplayer game).

3 – 8 – 9  

While already connected to the main game server, press button on icon tab in the top right hand corner to enlarge it, while online game menu screen is shown, then load tab also appears, press button to commence loading!.

12 – 10 – 11 – 4 – 2 – 0 – 13

You will then have access to the smaller dedicated game server (the other host) and betting interface, which will allow you to choose the number of players + bet amount. Then the searching and loading of players begins to the minimum & the exact number of players to any of the 4 ranges in any lobby to any player bet will be determined by random selection and the 3 second rule (see part 2 of this section).

The number of lobbies created will be based on accommodating for any players at all automatically depending on how busy it is (also in effect is gamers not being postponed for too long). Players will be loaded in quickly, when players are found, until the minimum to any range is met, then the exact number of players will be chosen at random & other players will continue to be added as necessary (if any), but also in conjunction with the 3 second rule, if it applies (also see part 2). Then the loading of the games will be relayed one to the other directly and any actual games simulated on the game/gambling server & appear on the players game screen (at the same time) via their console.

Note:- It will make for shared players/games for up to 2 times or more capacity.

2 – 4  Player modem and gambling server (the main host)

A direct connection as well as being connected to all three servers (game/part game/betting) as usual, transmits any problems to gambling server involving ISP.

4 – 5 – 6 -7  Gambling server, player account/ISP info, SEDS and ISP/modem details database

Any problem, along with the player name (who becomes absent from the lobby/game) will be sent to player account/ISP details server. Then the error will be recognized by SEDS and then identified, any identifiable code for one ISP/modem type or another that amounts to the same or similar error message will be converted into one overall error number listed on a 2nd database (see illustration 2). Any code that doesn’t match will not be refundable (see part 1 (c)).

(f) illustrations 1 & 2 click here

7 – 5 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 12 – 10

When a refund is decided it will be sent to the players account & money will be automatically credited to their balance.

4 – 6 – 7

Gambling server errors (including small game server) will be directly recognized by (SEDS) and then identified along with any players effected and their player name, then follow the same path as ISP refunds.

Please note:- Gamers will also be notified of the cost of any non-refunds. 

12 – 10 – 4 – 5

Player account details:- payments, statistics, activity history and other info will be stored separately on one small server along with players being able to add/withdraw funds etc… and manage their account. You can access this by pressing button on account tab on the betting screen.

4 – 5

player winnings (info) will be directly sent to the players account.

4 – 2 – 3 – 12 – 10

The actual player winnings will be immediately transferred to their balance.


Move stick up on tab indicated by online gambling/message of the day, press button and a drop down message will appear reading the following:-

Welcome! gamer,s make gaming more exciting, more rewarding and more professional. Try your skills against other players and win cash amounts betting on yourself. Also win extra cash prizes each month

Press button on square tab to begin ⇒

(also display the leader board like the one below ↓)

Top 10 cash winners as of yesterday on the 00/00/00

Table 8

(Also announce monthly cash prize winners for those in the top 10 rank each month and any other offers/promotions).

The above leader board will be reset once a month at the exact same time as the main leader board (see (g)). 

This leader board will also be updated and refreshed daily, based on every 24 hrs between 12:00 am – 12:00 am from the previous day, when its been recorded.

The other options that could make it work (also see option 1 in (b))

Option 2:- Recognize and identify player network errors and have those non-refundable and everything else refundable.

Option 3:- As a last resort and reviewing the profit figures in the finance section (parts 2&3), only detecting game/gambling server errors and refunding will work well enough to make it successful as other errors (ISP and player network) will occur rarely and at least over a short period of time will still be lucrative and profitable. 

(g) The leader boards

 The main leader board click here

Players will be ranked by their profit win!

Which will account for both their wins to the returns of each (minus the no. of wins times the player bet to each) & any losses to determine who the best players are and to what rank from the total of it all.

How to figure total player winnings:-

cash won – (no. of games won * player bet) – (no. of losses * player bet) + cash won – (no. of games won * player bet) – (no. of losses * player bet) + cash won – (no. of games won * player bet) – (no. of losses * player bet) = total winnings


£74.00 – (8 * £2.50) – (3 * £2.50) + £103.00 – (4 * £5.00) – (2 * £5.00) + £132.50 – (3 * £7.50) – (1 * £7.50) = £222.00


cash won – ((no. of wins + no. of losses) * player bet) + cash won – ((no. of wins + no. of losses) * player bet) + cash won -((no. of wins + no. of losses) * player bet) = total winnings

£74.00 – ((8 + 3) * £2.50) + £103.00 – ((4 + 2) * £5.00) + £132.50 – ((3 + 1) * £7.50) = £222.00

Please note:- no. of games at a win refers to players winning any amount

This leader board will be constantly updated automatically 

The 10 best monthly cash winners on the leader board will win other cash prizes totaling £16,500 (see section 2 part 6b) for more details.  Players winning the other cash prizes will be based upon every 28 days, beginning at the start date at 12:00 am – the end date at 12:00 am and each time all figures will be reset to zero and no players ranked at the end of every month and the process resumed. This will also enable players to prove themselves on this basis as well as daily.

Please note:- Players who join anytime in the month will be more or less eligible to win the extra cash prize money in their first month.

All the personal player statistics to a constant total will be stored in each players account, along with their current daily ranks they have earned. Their rank will also be displayed on the game betting interface in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, but only to a constant total to the period of each month and only to the best 100 players at any time other wise appearing blank. (also see section 1 (1a))

only the best 25 players will be on the main leader board at any time and will be displayed after the end game results of each game.

The in game leader board will state what position players are in as well as the points earned for player reference.

The end game results leader board will state the position of all players, and to what amount of money they have won, depending on the number of winning positions.

part 2

The 3 second rule and random selection (a & b)

once at equaling 3 secs or less each the minimum amount of players is complete to any range of number of players, the exact number of players will be decided systematically and quickly at random but in contrast to the 3 second rule as well.  After random selection each lobby will then strictly give any gamer,s a limit of 3 secs or less (≤ 3) to load and join any lobby (if it applies) when players are found and any players locked in ready to play (as with any players) and starting from the minimum one player after another. Players will be loaded in sync and at the best possible time to any available lobbies (as with any gamers at all). When 3 secs elapses without another player in any lobby, any games will be automatically initiated or when it ever equates to random selection and/or multiplayer lobby becomes full.

illustration 3 click here

These values represent time and time wasted  

3, 3, 3, (-3), 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, (-3)

How to calculate number of players

3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + (-3) + (-3) = 24 – 6 = 18 ⇒ 18 ÷ 3 = 6 player game


V = Value = 3

(8V + -2V)/ V = 6 player game

Anytime players are failed to be loaded into any lobby or not to the specified time, it will revert back to the previous accumulated time from the other players that have successfully joined. Then continue counting if necessary, then quickly divided by three will confirm the exact number of players, this will be used in the lobby also (see table above illustration 3).

Please note:- No matter what the time per any players being loaded in, each is accountable to equalling 3 seconds rounded off or straight.

All players will be given a full 3 seconds to load in by any lobby, until moving to the next. Also when players are found they will be delayed if  necessary (up to 2 secs), until they are able to be loaded in sync to the next best available lobby (gamers will not be postponed for any long periods of time and must be loaded into new lobbies otherwise).

Note:- In effect to players being loaded in sync to any lobby is at what point they are found and also to the timing of any lobbies.

(c) The 3 second rule will be used and effective in the following ways:-

1) To any point of the number of players to random selection, apart from the minimum amount of players in any range and more or less chance of it being used, depending on what is chosen at random and the number of lobbies available.

2) When business becomes slower one way or another or their are no players.

3) When players are unable to be loaded in sync and at the best possible time to any particular lobby(s).

Note:- 2) & 3) of the above are also reasons that applies to not getting certain players to the minimum amount to any range.

(d) Benefits

1) Synchronized working system 2) It will vary the number of players in any range 3) It will save time and launch any games A.S.A.P, being more efficient.

Note:- Match making (and with the 3 sec rule) will be to an optimum as possible and over a certain period of time will make a difference to saving money, considering the sheer scale of it all. Also it is important that it is random and varied as much as possible just in case gamer,s who are familiar with one another don’t play to win together.

A minimum connection speed may have to be set so gamer,s can avoid certain errors.

Caution to players!

warning:- As soon as players have successfully joined a lobby, they will be unable to leave and must play the game to what they have roughly chosen, but they can leave a game whilst its being played.

section 4

Improving the business in future

(a) Keep a record of statistics

1) how many players play what range of number of players the least and most. 2) What bet amount is used the least and most. 3) What errors and number of errors have occurred over a certain period of time. 4) What time or times of the day are least and most popular with gamer,s, etc…

(b) Customer feedback

Which may be to the following:-

1) Increasing the number of bet amounts that are available and how much players can bet. 2) Increasing the total number of players that can be played. 3) Decreasing the player gambling commission. 4) Decreasing the number of errors that can occur if any to be fairer to the gamer etc…

Also get players to rate the service via a short and quick online survey.

section 5


Other useful information 

1) Errors may occur sometimes, while players are not actually joined to a lobby or playing a game so having no effect to a refund or non-refund. 2) If winning the extra cash monthly is done more frequently and by any amount of money, advertising on the online game interface may not seem as substantial or worthwhile to any potential gamers but having money won in a shorter space of time will be more appealing to players and depending on the amounts of money that can be won. 3) It could have certain benefits to the games industry such as allowing for sales increases of consoles, games and Down Loadable Content (DLC) plus other hardware. 4) just because some gamer,s play more than others doesn’t necessarily mean they will win or profit more. 5) The reason players cant choose a particular player number is because it will be to varied and not work as well. 6) Players winnings is in general, not in proportion because of the no. of winning positions and the amounts set out to them. 7) The aspects of luck as such are what exact number of players are played, the cash won and the odds of winning at any point, effecting who wins the most profit and to the monthly prize winnings with being disproportionate. 8) The significance of the bet amount that the player choses will determine who stands to win the most profit and they will lose more or less if they lose. 9) If absolutely necessary you could ensure one winner of any amount by also going by the damage sustained from any number of shots and negating the points of it, to the same points system as before. 10) The idea will be best apt to being compatible with a popular game franchise but can be used on a lot of different game genres or platforms plus on any modern console format. 11) Different ISP/modem types may result in the same error code but amount to a completely different problem and error message. 12) TV and internet advertising will make it popular. 13) Occasional updates may be required for the player to use, to meet any changes that may occur and because of any improvements that may be made in future also including any DLC. 14) It will be better than gambling on casinos as it is skill based rather than relying on luck and limited to what players can bet, saving players money. 15) Players being loaded in 3 secs each may help avoid certain errors. 16) If 3 seconds isn’t enough time for each player to be loaded in, the increments of time could be changed to suit better and work in the same way to it all, where it applies. 17) Players who dont win any actual amount but still do better than other gamers deserve meagre bonus points based on their position, that can be redeemed for free bets. 18) The idea is engineered to make as much profit as possible by saving time as much as possible and for instance enticing players to play more because of the prospect of winning the monthly amounts. 19) The amounts of money set out to the winning positions is varied and has good amounts of money that can be won, plus offering players more chance of winning some amount of money, which conforms to some sort of pattern and can be amended to suit better. 20) The less the number of players chosen and actually played by the gamers the more significant the profit will be for the business, when there are multiple players and games being played. 21) Certain amounts of money won act as consolation prizes to a lot of players. 22) When the 3 second rule has had an effect, if there has been another player that could have joined after it, the other player will be added to another available lobby anyway so not wasting any time at all. 23) With allowing players the option of leaving a game prematurely at any time because they are losing heavily and because they will lose the same amount either way. If they play again straight away, they will play another game quicker so amounting to more profit for the business as well as the benefit of the non refund. 24) If there is only enough players for roughly one game, there will be no real difference to who plays who. 25) When players leave a game or due to any errors, players in game statistics for that game will become null and void of course! as there is no need for it. 26) The number of betting amounts available could have an additional bet amount to it and/or bet amounts could be increased for the players. You could have multiple different bet amounts in certain periods of time for instance:- 4:00pm – 12:00am (peak time) to the standard already shown & 12:00am – 8:00am & 8:00am – 4:00pm (having even more higher bet amounts) and having three sets of differing betting amounts for the players, more or less. 27) It will be based on how well the players do to winning the cash amounts rather than any aspects of luck for the majority of it all. 28) Players will be enticed to play to the off-peak times making more money for the business. 29) Delaying players (if needed) may result in wasting minuscule amounts of time (up to 2 secs per player) but will still be more efficient than creating too many lobbies as games will be launched quicker. 30) The chance of any lobby’s being incomplete for any short periods of time also depends on the scale of the number of players to the minimum to any range and could occur multiple times in the same lobby . 31) players being loaded in sync to any lobby means any gamers will start joining precisely from 0 secs each time, or not at all. Obviously players will be loaded in to any lobby as quickly as possible to the nearest lobby. 32) When players press start on the game/gambling interface to any betting scenario, they will be counted straight away at any point and the adequate amount of lobbies will be created but only to what is necessary to save space and so that you add gamers into existing lobby’s better. Extra lobbies will be created in addition with players not taking too long to be loaded in also needs to be accounted for.
















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